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Blue book of gun values 41st edition pdf

41st Edition Blue Book of Gun Values by Blue Book Publications, Inc.. Click here for the lowest price! Paperback, 9781947314177, 1947314173. Toggle navigation All.

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41st Edition Blue Book of Gun Values is an amazing sales book. In a sense, the title of the 41st Edition Blue Book of Gun Values pdf free book embodies the meaning of the.

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For obscure C&R pistols, I think it is often wildly off the current market. That seems to work two ways. Bubba Fatt's World O' Guns offers you 60% of "blue book" (often a low price compared to current values on open auctions) and can then put it on Gunbroker for current market value and ask double what they paid.

Other Blue Book publications - Blue Book of Black Powder Values, Blue Book of Air Guns, etc. All are sound specialty price guides. Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Arms - absolutely the best for antique American arms. This is only published every few years, so check the date of the latest edition. Values may have risen since the last edition.

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